“Welcome to the 5-H Club – Hair, Humor, Health, Happiness and Hope”

Becky tells the story of her personal journey from breast cancer victim to breast cancer survivor. In her story-telling manor, she uses humor and laughter to communicate a message of encouragement and hope to anyone facing the trauma of breast cancer. Her message is directed not only to the patient but to the friends and family members of the patient. She is sure to have you rolling in he aisles.

“Sister Lister”

“To Do List,” “Christmas List,” “Grocery List.” “Things to Do Before I Die List.” Directed at all the “Super Women” in America – In this humorous presentation, Becky shares how she has successfully used “lists” throughout her life, not only in her role as a wife and mother, but also as a top sales person and manager with a multi-billion dollar corporation. One of her lists saved her life.

“God has the Big Picture, The Devil has the Polaroid.”

Just when we finally give it to God, the devil pops out from under his rock and waves the polaroid snapshot in front of us saying, “Remember this??” Keep God in the Director’s chair and learn to let go.

Copyright 2004-2023 © Becky Olson – breast cancer survivor – humorous and motivational speaking.